Location =  Albuquerque - Foothills Trails  
Distance =  15.60
Time =  2:17:08
Ave. Speed =  6.7
Max. Speed =  27.0
Monthly Dist. =    15.60
Yearly Dist. =  15.60

I headed out for the first ride of the year, and I decided to make it a mountain bike ride. I have been hesitant to ride in the foothills, because there is a little bit of snow out there, and I haven't wanted to deal with any ice or mud. I decided to chance it today, because it was cold out, and I was hoping that everything would stay frozen.

I entered the trail system up by Bighorn Rd, and I started hearing some coyotes as soon as I got out there. That was a bit unusual, because it was already 11:00am, and that is a little late for them to be up, and making noise.

I headed through the park, and found it to be a very busy day. A lot of othere people had the same idea that I did, to get outside, and enjoy the sunshine on a beautiful New Years Day. There were hikers and joggers, people with their dogs and babies, as well as other mountain bikers. I rode through the park to Embudito, and then dropped down to the trail along Tramway. The sun was starting to soften up some of the icy spots, so I wanted to avoid any places that might be muddy.

I rode back up into the foothills trails at Elena Gallegos, and then headed back to Bighorn.

It was a beautiful day, with temps in the 20s and 30s. A great way to start out the new year.

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