Location =  To Tijeras and Back  
Distance =  48.65
Time =  3:40:43
Ave. Speed =  13.2
Max. Speed =  37.0
Monthly Dist. =    209.22
Yearly Dist. =  209.22

I left pretty early in the morning on my road bike, at 8:15, to go up to the other house, and get the mail. It was cold out, but it didn't seem to be as cold as yesterday. I normally wouldn't have started so early, but I wanted to be sure to get back before the football games started. I didn't push myself too hard, and I managed to make it up to the mailboxes in just over 2 hours. It was cold up there, and there is still some snow on the ground. I stopped just long enough to stuff the mail into my backpack, and then headed back down the hill.

On the way down the mountain, I passed a kid who had just crashed his car into the embankment on the side of the road. A scrawny, pimply faced teenager was standing next to the car, which was seriosly wrecked. I'm certain that he was speeding recklessly up the road, and lost control. I'll bet that he learned everything he knows about driving from playing video games, just like my own careless, arrogant, offspring. It's hard to have any sympathy for the clueless, especially when they are endangering everyone else on the road. I hope he catches royal hell, when he gets home.

I continued down the mountain, yearning for the warmth that I knew awaited me at the bottom. I headed back through Tijeras Canyon, and a bit of a headwind was there to greet me. About halfway through the canyon, there was an old man at the side of the road, walking three giant dogs. They were mostly white, and looked like crosses between Saint Bernards, and Great Pyrnees. The dogs were very gentle, and I waved at the old guy as I went by. One of those monster dogs could have dragged that old guy down the road, but they were well behaved.

My hands were finally thawed out as I started the climb back up Tramway, and I made it back in plenty of time to watch the games. San Diego didn't win, but the Giants did, and I'll be rooting for them to upset the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

It was another sunny day, with temps in the 20s and 30s.

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