Location =  To Tijeras and Back  
Distance =  49.73
Time =  3:18:30
Ave. Speed =  15.0
Max. Speed =  39.0
Monthly Dist. =    156.82
Yearly Dist. =  430.04

Today was the warmest day of the year, so far. I waited until about 1:00 in the afternoon to begin this ride, and it was in the 50s. I was able to wear my half finger gloves, and my hands never got cold, even on the long downhill.

I rode up to Tijeras to get the mail, and I wanted to see if I could do it in less time than my last try. I rode on the shoulder down Tramway, rather than on the trail, in order to gain a few minutes of time. I would have done even better if I hadn't been stopped by almost every red light going down the road. I made good time heading through Tijeras Canyon, and I also did well on the 10 mile ascent up to Raven Road. I'm making good progress. I made the right turn onto Raven Road, and as I was climbing the short steep hill, a coyote darted across the road about 20 yards in front of me. He was really moving fast.

I collected the mail, and then headed back down the mountain. It seemed like there were headwinds that I had to fight, all the way down the mountain, back through the canyon, and up Tramway. At least it wasn't cold.

I'll have to try and get out and ride a little bit tomorrow. Temps are supposed to be near 60!

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