Location =  Albuquerque NM  
Distance =  23.76
Time =  1:52:03
Ave. Speed =  12.6
Max. Speed =  26.6
Monthly Dist. =    180.58
Yearly Dist. =  453.80

We had our first baseball practice of the year today, so I decided to pack all of my stuff in my backpack, and ride my bike to the field. I hopped on the orange mountain bike and tried to ride out of the driveway, but the crankarms just spun around, and the wheel didn't turn. The rear hub was not engaging, and it was obviously broken. I was glad that it happened in the driveway, and not last weekend when I rode that bike to the top of the crest. I put the orange bike back in the garage, and took the new silver one out for the ride.

The baseball practice was at Los Altos, which meant that I could ride on bike trails all the way there. I headed down Tramway, and I was riding pretty fast, because I was a few minutes late. I got to the Encantada/Cloudview cross street, and my life flashed before my eyes. That street has the bicycle crossing behind the light at the intersection, about five cars back. There were cars waiting at the light, and the last one was a van. I thought that I could see the traffic in the other lane, but I was strongly mistaken. As I was about to cross the street behind the van, a car was right there ready to cream me. I grabbed the brakes hard, and it launched me over the handlebars and down into the middle of the street. That bike has very strong brakes. Luckily, it gave me enough time to avoid getting hit by the car, which passed by safely. The car stopped to see if I was all right, which was nice of them, and I picked myself up, and waved them on. That was close.

At the very next intersection, I have to cross over to the other side of Tramway, and get on the bike trail that runs along the south side of the freeway. The freeway off-ramp there had a red light, and there are numerous signs which tell the traffic that there is NO TURN ON RED. That didn't stop some asshole from turning anyway, and he nearly hit me as well. I think I need to be more careful.

I did eventually make it safely to baseball practice, and it was fun running around and hitting the ball. After the practice we had a team meeting, a couple of beers, and then it was back on the bike for the return trip home. I didn't need anymore excitement, so I was very careful on the way back.

The day was very warm and sunny, with temps in the upper 50s. I didn't even wear my jacket for the ride home.

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