Location =  Albuquerque NM  
Distance =  18.88
Time =  1:56:52
Ave. Speed =  9.6
Max. Speed =  41.0
Monthly Dist. =    199.46
Yearly Dist. =  472.68

Today was the warmest day of the year, so far. Temps were in the low 60s, and I was able to ride in my shorts. It was so nice out that I didn't even bother to take along a windbreaker, even though the descents would take me beyond 40 miles per hour. Excellent!

I rode over to Tierra Monte, and did a time trial up to the La Luz Trailhead. It was my fastest time so far, maybe because I didn't have on as much clothing as I usually do. I rode down and went up a second time, trying to stay out of the saddle for as long as I could. As I began the climb a young woman passed me by, like I was standing still. Just before the turnoff to the Tierra Monte neighborhood, she was pulled over and streching her legs. She looked at me and said, "Slow and steady, and I feel tight." I looked back at her and said, "You are really fast." I continued on toward the top, expecting her to come flying by me again, but she must have turned back. I managed to stay out of the saddle passed the turn through the stone gate a little ways, which was farther than I have ever made it before. Maybe next time I can make it all the way to the parking lot.

I headed down again, and around one of the curves I was carrying too much speed, and I came close to the center line as a car was coming up. I scared the driver a little bit, but at least I didn't cross the center line. I got down to the bottom, and made the climb back up for a third time, taking it easy in my granny gear. I was going to do a little bit more riding after that, just so I could stay out and enjoy the warm day, but I was pretty spent, so I headed back to the house.

We are supposed to get a storm at the end of this week, but after that, I think that Springtime is right around the corner. Happy days are here again!

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