Location =  albuquerque NM  
Distance =  16.55
Time =  1:19:39
Ave. Speed =  12.4
Max. Speed =  38.5
Monthly Dist. =    258.17
Yearly Dist. =  818.91

On the way home from work, I saw that the buffalo were in their pen, and close to the fence and the road, and I would be able to get a good picture of them if I rode down to the casino. I got to the house, quickly changed into my bike clothes, and headed down the hill. I reached the bottom just in time to see the last of the buffalo leaving their pen, and walking too far away to get a good picture. I'll try again another day. I stopped to take off my jacket, and then started the climb up to the La Luz trailhead.

About 2 miles into the climb, a young woman passed me. At least she didn't blow by me like I was standing still. She eased passed me, and then gradually pulled away. She was turning a bigger gear than I was, but at a lower cadence. She was obviously quite strong. She stayed on Tramway, and I turned off at Tierra Monte, to add a couple more miles to the climb.

I was putting out a fair amount of effort to get myself up to the parking lot, and I had a good sweat going. I turned around and headed downhill, and that evaporating sweat gave me a real chill. I'm glad it only takes about five minutes to get back down to Tramway. I usually add another climb to my riding routine, but one was enough for today, and I headed back to the house.

The ride started out mostly sunny, but it finished up cloudy, with temps around 60.

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