Location =  Albuquerque NM  
Distance =  17.92
Time =  2:25:42
Ave. Speed =  7.3
Max. Speed =  24.9
Monthly Dist. =    276.09
Yearly Dist. =  836.83

I took the new mountain bike out for a ride on the foothill trails. I need to get some saddle time on that bike, because the twelve hour race is only 3 weeks away, and I'm not ready. I'm going to die.

I rode down to the County Line Restaurant to start the ride, and as I was passing the ice arenas, a white mini-van pulled out and drove right at me. I thought he was trying to kill me. As I swerved out of the way, a japanese tourist said something out of the window. I circled around to see what they wanted, and the were looking for the Tram. I pointed out the 2 big signs which said Sandia Tramway on them, and then continued with the ride.

I rode up the four, short steep climbs to the water tanks, and much to my surprise, I managed to clear all four of them, even the real sandy parts. I was feeling pretty good, so when I got to the arroyo just passed the tanks, I decided to attempt to ride down the rocks. This was something that I had never attempted on the old mountain bike, preferring to err on the side of caution, and walk down the rocks. For some reason, the new bike feels like it has better balance, even though it is virtually identical to the other bike, so it gives me more confidence. In this case, I wished I had walked. I picked a bad line through the rocks, and I was launched over the handlebars, landing on my back in the sand. I scraped up the side of my right leg, but accept for that, there was no other damage. I think I might make it next time.

I rode all the way to Embudido, and then made my way back through the trails.

It was a beautiful day, with temps in the 60s, and not too breezy. I think that the springtime weather trend has begun, and it should only get warmer from here on out.

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