Location =  Albuquerque NM  
Distance =  18.72
Time =  1:54:10
Ave. Speed =  9.8
Max. Speed =  42.0
Monthly Dist. =    117.70
Yearly Dist. =  1050.06

I went out for a training ride on the road bike, and took it up to the La Luz trail head, 3 times. I timed the first climb, and it would have been my fastest time so far, but I backed off a little bit on the effort. There was a strong tailwind pushing me up the hill, but I didn't take advantage of it.

The second climb that I made, I stayed out of the saddle the whole way. It's getting easier to do that each time I try, so my legs must be getting stronger.

The third climb up to La Luz, I spun up there easily in a low gear, and took my time doing it.

It was a fairly nice day, with temps in the upper 60s. It was partly cloudy at times, and a little bit windy.

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