Location =  Albuquerque NM  
Distance =  6.58
Time =  55:03
Ave. Speed =  7.0
Max. Speed =  26.0
Monthly Dist. =    130.28
Yearly Dist. =  1062.64

I haven't been on my bike since the bloody crash a few days ago, but tomorrow is the big race in Gallup, and I felt like I needed to to get out for a mile or two, at least.

I took the mountain bike out for short test ride in the morning, mostly to make sure that everything is working okay. The bar ends are rock solid, so I am happy about that, and everything else appears to be fine.

I rode up in the foothills trails for the shakedown ride, and did a couple of little climbs. It was very windy, cloudy, and cold. I hope that it isn't like that tomorrow. The temps were only in the 40s.

Several people were out on the trails running with their dogs off of the leash. It's probably better to do that in the morning, when there are fewer mountain bikers than in the afternoon. A couple of standard poodles came charging at me, and they must have thought that I would just pull over and let them by, and they almost crashed into me. They stopped at the last second, and ran back to their owner. It was very strange.

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