Location =  Albuquerque NM  
Distance =  14.01
Time =  1:17:31
Ave. Speed =  10.8
Max. Speed =  43.0
Monthly Dist. =    233.85
Yearly Dist. =  1166.21

I wanted to build on the progress that I made at the race on Saturday, so I took the road bike out for a time trial up to the La Luz trailhead. I managed to attain my fastest time of the year, so far. It was 21:10. I'm now within striking distance of breaking the 21 minute mark. My goal is to break the 20 minute mark, and then I'll be back to my form of two years ago.

I rode back down to the bottom, and then did another climb, staying out of the saddle the entire time. It wasn't fast, but I felt strong.

It was a beautiful day, with temps in the high 70s. I'm liking it.

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