Location =  Albuquerque NM  
Distance =  18.68
Time =  1:48:34
Ave. Speed =  10.2
Max. Speed =  45.0
Monthly Dist. =    286.64
Yearly Dist. =  1219.00

I went out for a road ride, and did three climbs up to La Luz. The first one I timed, and it was about 21:30. Decent, but not great. At least I'm being consistent, even if I'm not getting any faster. The second climb I did out of the saddle, to work on leg strength. About halfway up, a young woman passed me, and I was tempted to have a seat and chase her down, but I resisted that temptation. It's better that I should stick to my training plan. I then made a third climb, spinning easily in my small gear.

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon, with temps in the low 80s.

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