Location =  To Tijeras and Back  
Distance =  49.83
Time =  3:26:47
Ave. Speed =  14.4
Max. Speed =  36.5
Monthly Dist. =    363.10
Yearly Dist. =  1295.46

How is it possible to ride 50 miles, go south, east, south, north, west, and north again, and be going against the wind the entire time? You would think that the wind would have to be at your back at least some of the time, but it never felt like it.

I rode up to the other house to pick up the mail, and save the two gallons of gas that it would have taken to drive up there. That's almost eight dollars. Thanks George Bush! You Asshole!

On the way back to Albuquerque, I stopped at Franklin Middle School to take a short break in the trees. There was a carcass of an old wrecked car in the shadows, and then I thought that I saw a cemetery. I walked over to take a closer look, and I managed to not notice some barbed wire which ripped a pretty scratch across my leg. There was a small cemetery back there, which I think is in somebody's backyard. I took this picture of it, with the Middle School, and the Sandia Mountains behind it. It seemed like a quarter of the people buried there were named Gonzalez.

The trip back to the house was never without that constant wind, which made the day seem a little bit cool. Temps were mostly in the 60s. I wore my windbreaker for the entire ride.

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