Location =  To the Crest, To Raven Rd., and Back  
Distance =  91.74
Time =  7:20:02
Ave. Speed =  12.5
Max. Speed =  37.5
Monthly Dist. =    104.19
Yearly Dist. =  1412.68

Streak Ride #41 is in the books. I made this an ambitious ride. My plan was to ride up to the crest, and then ride up to Raven Rd., to pick up the mail.

The day started out cool, with temps in the 50s, but there was very little wind. I didn't push myself very hard, I just wanted to survive. I followed a guy through Tijeras Canyon, and I probably could have passed him, but I didn't want to. He would pull away from me on the downhills, and I would reel him back in on the climbs. We finally went our seperate ways whe he went right on Old 66, and I took the left to head up North 14.

I took a short break at the bottom of the big climb. There was a sign down there which said that there was some kind of "Special Event" going on, and to expect delays of ten minutes. I thought that they might be having a skateboard race like they had last year, but that was not the case. I ended my break, and as I started uphill, I got behind a guy and a gal who were also just heading up. As we began to climb uphill, a deer wandered out onto the road, looked around, and then went back into the trees.

I passed the two riders, and began my slow and steady ascent toward the crest. In a few minutes the guy chased me down and we rode together for several miles. I enjoyed the company and the conversation, very much. His name was John. We talked biking, and it helped to pass the time. It would be nice to have someone to share my suffering with, but where do I find someone with the same kind of insanity the I have?

At the ski area, John turned back to see how the gal was doing. She had already gone for an 8 mile run, before she started making the climb up to the crest. That's a tough woman.

There was a guy with an orange vest standing in the road, and just above the ski area there were some pylons in the street, but other that that, there was not much activity going on. There weren't dozens of bales of hay along the sides of the road to catch errant skateboarders, like there was last year.

I continued my climb toward the crest. There was still quite a few patches of snow in the trees, and the temperature was steadily falling, as I was steadily rising. I made it to the top, and the gift shop door said it was 34 degrees. I went inside to warm up, and eat a power bar.

I headed out for the long descent, and when I saw John, I stopped and thanked him for the company. I didn't realize I was so lonely. I rode down to where the air was warm, and when I got to the ski area I noticed about a dozen large trailers in the lower parking lot, and lots of cars and activity in the upper parking lot. I stopped to ask the guy in the orange vest what was going on, and he said that they were going to be filming a mayonnaise commercial. He thought it was going to be shown during next year's Super Bowl, but he wasn't sure about that. I'll have to be on the lookout for a mayonnaise commercial, filmed at Sandia Peak Ski Area. Very strange.

I made it to the bottom, and then took another break at the gas station, where I guzzled down a gatorade, and filled up on water. I headed back through Cedar Crest, and a pretty strong headwind started blowing. On one of the downhill stretches, I felt the beginnings of a painful leg cramp in my right thigh. I started sucking down my water to make it go away. If the leg cramps persisted, I would have to abandon the climb up to Raven Rd. I succeeded in washing away the pain, and when I got to Tijeras, I headed up the hill. I made it to the mailboxes, and there was a letter there for the renters. I went over to the house to drop it off, but they weren't home, so I left it in the doorway, and headed for home.

I stopped for one more break down at the Middle School, where I finally took off my jacket. I headed back through the canyon, and then up Tramway to the house. I was a tired boy when I walked through the door, and I was definitely ready for dinner. It was a long day on the bike, but at least my butt didn't hurt. I wore the right shorts this time.

It was a beautiful blue sky day, with temps from the 30s to the upper 70s.

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