Location =  Albuquerque NM  
Distance =  18.70
Time =  1:44:39
Ave. Speed =  10.6
Max. Speed =  44.0
Monthly Dist. =    143.54
Yearly Dist. =  1452.03

I took the road bike out, and headed up to La Luz, to try and finish the training ride that I had to abort, a couple of days ago. I did a time trial up to the parking lot, and I almost broke the 20 minute mark. Not bad. I'll bet that if I lost ten pounds, I could break it easily, and consistently.

I rode down and made a second climb, staying out of the saddle the entire way. It's getting easier to do that, each time I try. I went back down again, and took a nice easy spin up, in the granny gear. I started out quite a distance behind a guy, and I managed to just about catch him, without really trying. As we got close to the top, I think he realized that I was right behind him, and he pulled away at the end. We talked for a minute in the parking lot, and then I headed for home.

It was an unusual day, because it was actually cloudy. There was never any chance for rain, which we could really use, but it was weird not seeing the sun. Temps were pleasant, in the 70s, and there was a bit of a tailwind for the first climb, but it died down after that.

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