Location =  La Madera to San Felipe and Back  
Distance =  30.00
Time =  2:41:02
Ave. Speed =  11.1
Max. Speed =  29.5
Monthly Dist. =    329.28
Yearly Dist. =  1638.77

This was a very interesting day. It started early in the morning at the Sandia Ranger Station in Tijeras, with a slide show put on by IMBA, on proper trail building. Jason and Anna led the discussion, and they were both very knowledgable and professional. After the presentation, we hung out in the parking lot for a few minutes, and there was a guy there living out of his bicycle. He was an old man on a steel framed bike, and he had the rear section of another bike, rigged up and attached to the first one, as a trailer. He said that he had left the Shasta Lakes area in California in February, and that he was head to Corpus Christi, Texas. Long trip. One of the guys in our group gave him a sandwich, and he was thrilled. A few minutes later we caravaned out to La Madera Rd., where the City of Albuquerque has some land for an Open Space Area, where we could do some trail building. We spent about an hour working on a section of trail, and putting our new found knowledge to good use.

After the trail building, I rode out on an already completed piece of trail, that led back to a large canyon. The area has some potential for some very nice riding, but it's going to take a while to get the trails built. I rode back to the parking area, and asked someone if they knew where La Madera Rd. eventually came out. A guy named Mark who lived in that direction, said that it went all of the way to the Hollywood Casino, at the San Felipe Pueblo. I headed down the road with Mark for about a mile, and he told me to go left at the intersection, where he went right. He said that there was the remains of a ghost town about 3 miles down the road, and to look for it on the right. The town was called Hagen, and there are still some remnants of what used to be very large buildings. I'll have to go back with my camera, and do a little exploring.

I continued down the road, which went through a very large ranch called, Diamond Tail, and cruised along at a pretty good pace, because it was mostly downhill. The road went over some very large washes, which looked like giant dry riverbeds. You would not want to be anywhere near there during a rain storm. I was determined to make it to the end, and eventually I came out alongside the Hollywood Speedway. I made a loop around the gas station, and then headed back the way I came.

On the way back I passed by a mine which I had missed on the way down. I'm not sure what it was, but there was a small mountain of white rock alongside the road. That's another place to explore, sometime in the future. The ride back was a bit slower due to the uphill nature of the road, but it was very pleasant. Lots of interesting rock formations, and "Keep Out" signs.

It was a very nice day for a ride. The sky was partly cloudy, and it started out a little bit cool, with temps in the 60s, and then warming up to around 80.

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