Location =  To Sandia Crest and Back  
Distance =  70.13
Time =  6:13:38
Ave. Speed =  11.2
Max. Speed =  43.0
Monthly Dist. =    70.13
Yearly Dist. =  1758.88

This was one of the worst Streak Rides that I've ever had. I've had a crappy week of riding, and I wasn't feeling much better about this morning. It started out well enough with nice weather, and not much wind, and I was having fun through the canyon, even passing a guy. Then I came up to the traffic light in Tijeras, and there were two sheriff deputies there. One of them asked me if I was in the race, because if I was, he would wave me through the light. I told him I was strictly recreational, and I didn't mind waiting for it to turn green.

I continued on, and just as I was getting to North 14, a peloton full of young women passed me by. There must have been about thirty of them. A few stragglers passed me as well, over the next few minutes, and then I was left behind. There was a "King of the Mountain" race, and they were all heading up to the crest. After a little while, a group of guys came riding passed me, and then another group after that. All those people meant more traffic, more aggravation, and more being made to realize just how pathetically slow I really am. I'm just glad that I didn't start this ride any earlier in the morning, because then I would have been passed by even more of the racers.

I climbed up toward the crest, and with about two miles to go, I ran out of water. I was not at all happy about this, because I was thirsty, and tired, and I wanted to stop at the top and eat a power bar, but I didn't want to pay what they charge for Gatorade. I ended up making a loop through the parking lot, and then heading back down without stopping, until I pulled into the gas station. I took my well deserved break, and then headed back to town. The trip back to the house was uneventful.

It was a nice sunny day, with temps from the 60s to about 90. It was mild, even above 10,000 feet. I had my jacket, but I didn't need it.

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