Location =  Albuquerque NM  
Distance =  14.11
Time =  1:30:29
Ave. Speed =  9.2
Max. Speed =  37.5
Monthly Dist. =    103.70
Yearly Dist. =  1792.45

I headed out for the La Luz Trailhead, but when I got up to Tierra Monte, there was a Sheriff's Deputy stopping all of the traffic, which amounted to me. He said that they were filming for the next 15 or 20 minutes, and I'd have to wait. I decided to ride up the hard half mile, and then see if it was open. After one trip up the hill, I could see that the officer had moved his car, so I asked if it was all right to go up. He said that it was, so up I went.

There was nothing going on until I reached the dirt parking lot, and there was a lot of activity happening there. A swarm of guys was working on one of those sled cars that pulled along a slew of cameras. If anyone came up who wanted to get to the houses up that road, they were going to have to wait, because the lot was completely blocked.

I continued up, and went through an area where a couple of guys were busy putting dirt all over the road. One of the guys said that he was putting obstacles out for me. I complained about him messign up the road, and he assured me that it would all be cleaned up later.

I finished the climb, and then headed back down, being very careful going through the dirt. I think they had to go back and erase my track. That's probably the closest that I will ever come to being in a movie.

I made the climb up to La Cueva, and then finished things off with a climb around the Tram.

It was another beautiful day, with temps in the low 90s.

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