Location =  Tijeras NM  
Distance =  15.64
Time =  1:50:13
Ave. Speed =  8.4
Max. Speed =  22.0
Monthly Dist. =    262.49
Yearly Dist. =  1951.24

This group ride started at the Chamisoso Trailhead. I got there early, so I went out for a couple of miles before everyone else showed up. I saw two big deer out there, near the bottom of Power Line Trail. They were not happy that someone was out there disturbing their peace. I went back down to the parking lot, and waited for everyone else to show up. About 12 people made it, and after the usual amount of delay, we finally got started.

I'm not exactly sure where we rode, but I heard names like Lone Pine, Chamisoso, Mighty Mule, and others, mentioned. It was a really fun ride, and I was feeling pretty good as we rode. I've been complaining about having lost fitness over the past couple of weeks, but I was strong for this ride. I just need to be consistent.

There's a guy I met on these rides named Doug, and he has also signed up to ride at Leadville, which is now less than two months away, and we talked about getting together to do a training ride. We might hit up the King of the Mountain Trail, and try to do it three times in one day. That would be hard.

It was a nice evening for a ride. It was sunny and warm, with temps in the upper 80s, and just breezy enough to keep you cool.

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