Location =  Albuquerque NM  
Distance =  18.64
Time =  1:46:48
Ave. Speed =  10.4
Max. Speed =  46.0
Monthly Dist. =    299.22
Yearly Dist. =  1987.97

I went out for another training ride to the La Luz Trailhead, and I used a low gear and a fast spin. My time was under 22 minutes, which wasn't bad. I rode down and made the turn to do another climb, and a guy was coming down behind me, and he asked me if I was going up to do another climb, and when I said that I was, he joined me for the effort. Little did I know, that the effort was all mine.

We began the climb, and out of the blue he asked me if I was training for the race in Leadville. I said that I was, and how did he know that? He said that he could tell from my backpack that I was a mountain biker, who was out on his road bike doing a training ride, and that the way I was challenging the hill was like a mountain biker.

We proceeded to make the climb, with me breathing like a race horse, and red-lining my heart rate, and this guy was barely sweating. He was a European rider, with all of the skills and endurance that go along with that. His name was Silvio. My dream would be to ride like you, Silvio! Thanks for the company. At the dirt parking lot he asked me if I was going all of the way to the top, to which I answered, "who rides only halfway up a hill?"

The ride down was a screamer, and Silvio said good-bye at the bottom, as I turned around and climbed up again, just for practice. That third climb was a slow one, compared to the first two.

The day was sunny, and brutally hot, with temps in the upper 90s.

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