Location =  Albuquerque NM  
Distance =  25.06
Time =  2:32:47
Ave. Speed =  9.8
Max. Speed =  29.5
Monthly Dist. =    342.87
Yearly Dist. =  2031.62

The Thursday night group ride met at the Indian School parking lot to ride in the foothill trails. The Forest Service has closed the trails in the east mountains, so this will have to do, until we get some rain. We've only had four tenths of an inch of rain in the last four months. That's pretty dry.

I decided not to drive to the group ride, but instead rode down Tramway to Indian School, and then up to the parking lot. I was a little bit early, as usual, so I rode out and back on one of the trails, to kill some time. At 6 o'clock, there only four other guys in the parking lot, and not a single woman. Maybe the heat scared all of the ladies away, or maybe they are just smarter than we are. It actually wasn't too bad, because there was a pretty good breeze blowing at times, and that helped a lot to keep things cool.

We headed out on the trails, and we followed David, who lives in the neighborhood, and knew where the trails went. That whole area is a maze of trails, that could keep a person busy for quite a while, trying to figure out where they all go. We wandered around in generally a southern direction, and we ended up going down a marked trail called the Foo Trail. That took us down near I40. We rode up a little ways, and then went out onto the street, to avoid having to climb up the Foo Trail. We went back into the foothill trails, and then eventually made out way to the trailhead at Menaul, where I headed down the street and back to Tramway.

It was a fun ride on some new trails, which I'll have to come back to, to do some more exploring.

It was another hot sunny day, with temps in the mid 90s.

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