Location =  Albuquerque NM  
Distance =  11.95
Time =  1:01:03
Ave. Speed =  11.7
Max. Speed =  41.0
Monthly Dist. =     443.34
Yearly Dist. =  2131.98

I headed out to the La Luz Trailhead, with the intention of making three climbs, and getting in a good training ride.

Everything started out well. I made the first climb up to the trailhead, using a low gear, and a fast spin. The day seemed a little bit cooler that normal, maybe because it was little bit cloudy, with temps only in the upper 80s. As I neared the top, the sun broke through the clouds, and it suddenly seemed to get a lot hotter.

I rode down, and started a second climb, this time staying out of the saddle. As I headed up the road, I immediately notice that a lot had changed in the last five minutes. There were big dark clouds filling up the canyon, and things started to look nasty. About halfway up, a few large raindrops began to fall, and they actually felt good, taking away some of the heat. I continued on for another quarter of a mile, until the few raindrops started to turn into many raindrops. I turned around and headed for the bottom, hoping I could outrun the rain. As I headed back on Tramway, the rain stopped before I got to the stop sign, so I decided to try to ride up to the Tram.

Lightning and thunder were active just to the north of me, and I was hoping that it would stay over there until I rounded the Tram, but no such luck. As I reached Juniper Hill, the rain had caught up with me, so I made the turn and headed for the house.

I am really glad that I chose to quit, because in a few minutes all hell broke loose, and we got dumped on with a much needed storm. The rainfall total for the year in Albuquerque, went from 1 inch, to 1.5 inches, in less than an hour. It's not enough to open up the forest, but it's a start.

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