Location =  To Tijeras and Back  
Distance =  49.61
Time =  3:00:12
Ave. Speed =  16.5
Max. Speed =  38.0
Monthly Dist. =    134.78
Yearly Dist. =  2266.76

Don and I headed out at 7:15 in the morning, so we could get a ride in before it got too hot. We headed down Tramway, and met up with Carlie at Spain. We continued down Tramway, and then headed through Tijeras Canyon. We pulled away from Charlie, and then waited for him at the corner of S337.

After regrouping, we began the climb up toward Oak Flat. The road had a new seal coating put down on it, and it seemed very fast. Don and I pulled away from Charlie again, and we waited up at Otero Canyon. We continued climbing, and then Don waited for Charlie at Pine Flat, and I went on ahead to pick up the mail.

As I was getting the put the mail into my camelback, a truck pulled up, and it was me neighbor Sharen. (Yes, she does spell her name with an "e".) I had just finished riding my bike 25 miles to get the mail, and she had just driven her truck 1 mile to get the mail. We talked for a couple of minutes, and then Don and Charlie showed up, and we headed back down.

We stopped at the ranger station so those guys could get some more water, and the we continued on. As we made the turn onto old 66, to head back through Tijeras Canyon, another rider showed up and joined made our little threesome, a foursome. We had passed the guy on the way up. The four of us started a mini peloton, taking turns pulling our way through the canyon. We were flying along, and the fact that it is mostly downhill in that direction, only added to the fun. We lost Charlie towards the end, and we waited up for him at Tramway.

The intersection at Central and Tramway was filled with dirt rocks that wased into the street from last night's heavy rains. Someone needs to get out there with a broom. We took it easy going back up Tramway, and Charlie left us at Spain. The new guy stayed with us all the way back to Oak Flat, as he lives in our neighborhood. Maybe we'll ride with him again.
This was a fast 50 mile ride, that was a lot of fun. Starting early was a great idea, because the temps were only in the 80s.

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