Location =  Albuquerque NM  
Distance =  18.41
Time =  1:41:59
Ave. Speed =  10.7
Max. Speed =  49.0
Monthly Dist. =    153.19
Yearly Dist. =  2285.17

I headed out to the La Luz Trailhead to get in a training ride. I was looking forward to there being less traffic, due to the fire restrictions in effect, and road and trail closures. That kind of backfired on me.

I made the first climb up to the parking lot in a few seconds over 20 minutes. That's a decent time, and I was feeling good about it. I passed some barrels along the way at the Juan Tabo Picnic Grounds, which had "No Entry" signs on them, and they kept cars from getting up to the parking lot, but they didn't stop me.

I rode down to the bottom, hitting my fastest speed of the year at 49mph! If I cras at that speed I'm going to be seriously hurt. I headed back up for a second climb, this time staying out of the saddle for the entire climb. I was feeling good, and again I rode passed the barrels, and turned around in the parking lot.

I rode down to the bottom again, and started my third climb up, this time maintaining a low gear, and a fast spin. I passed the barrels again, and was closing in on the parking lot, when I heard a car coming up behind me. I knew that this wasn't going to be good. I looked over my shoulder, and wouldn't you know it, Law Enforcement was after me. The guy pulls up along side of me and says, "How come you rode passed the No Entry signs back there?" I answered that I was just going to go up to the parking lot and turn around. I was only about a hundred yards from the top when he accosted me. The guy just looked at me and said, "Negative." I could tell that he wasn't in the mood for a discussion, so I said."all right," and turned around and headed down. At least he didn't give me a ticket.

The day was a mixture of clouds and sun, and the temperature was in the upper 80s, somewhat less than the 90s that we have been used to around here lately. We've been getting some afternoon storms, and it has even forced me to do some riding on the indoor trainer, in the front hallway. We are finally getting a little bit of our "monsoon" season.

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