Location =  Albuquerque NM  
Distance =  17.19
Time =  1:39:14
Ave. Speed =  10.3
Max. Speed =  47.0
Monthly Dist. =    206.01
Yearly Dist. =  2337.99

This ride was little painful. A couple of nights ago I got hit with a line drive in a softball game. They call it a softball, but it's really hard, and I've got large bruises on each leg to prove it. My leg muscles were very tight, and I just wanted to have an easy ride to loosen things up.

I started out by riding up to the Tram, then riding up to La Cueva, and then following that up with a climb up to La Luz. I finished things off with another climb up to La Cueva, and then a trip around the Tram, before heading back to the house.

Temps have warmed up again into the low 90s. Summer has returned.

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