Location =  Albuquerque NM  
Distance =  18.70
Time =  2:00:12
Ave. Speed =  9.3
Max. Speed =  43
Monthly Dist. =    240.56
Yearly Dist. =  2372.54

I headed out for a training ride, and just as I got to the end of the driveway, it started to rain. I stopped for a few minutes to assess whether I wanted to continue this ride, or bag it, and ride on the indoor trainer. There was a big dark cloud hugging the mountain, but it didn't appear to be moving, and it wasn't raining very hard, although the raindrops were very big. I decided to give it a chance, so I got on the bike and rode off. Once I got started, I was amazed at the contrasting feelings that I was experiencing. On the one hand, it was very hot and muggy, and on the other hand, I was cooled off by the large raindrops that were hitting me. Not only that, but as I got down towards Tramway, I was in bright sunshine, and it was still raining on me. Very cool! The rain was gone by the time I got to Tierra Monte, but I enjoyed it while it lasted.

I rode over to the La Luz Trailhead to do some training climbs, and I was pathetically weak. It might have something to do with the line drive that hit me in the thighs, during last week's softball game. I have some massive bruises on my quads and hammies. They look a lot worse than they feel, but my leg muscles are feeling very tight.

I managed to make three climbs up to the trailhead, staying in my granny gear, and not trying to spin too fast. Hopefully, I'll do better the next time out.

It was a very warm afternoon, with temps in the low 90s.

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