Location =  Albuquerque NM  
Distance =  18.64
Time =  1:49:16
Ave. Speed =  10.2
Max. Speed =  44.0
Monthly Dist. =    294.22
Yearly Dist. =  2426.20

I headed out for another training ride up to the La Luz Trailhead, and I managed to make three climbs, at a relatively decent pace. I wasn't very fast, but I kept my heart rate pretty high for all the climbs. Any improvement is very welcome.

I put a new rear tire on the bike the other day, due to having a worn the other one out, and having it go flat in the garage. It's not really a new tire. It's the kevlar tire that I had on the front of the bike last winter. I now have two different tires on the bike, and I was wondering if it was going to cause me any problems. I got the answer to my question on the second descent. As I was coming down from the top, I met a car the was heading up, right at the one lane opening to the picnic grounds. I grabbed a lot of brake, and I could feel the rear wheel start to slide around. I was ready for it, so I managed to stay upright.

It was very hot out, with temps in the mid 90s, but there was nice breeze that seemed to cool me off, and it really saved the day. I didn't see any other riders while I was out there, until I made my third descent. There were about ten other riders just starting up. They waited until some of the heat went away. Weenies!

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