Location =  Tijeras NM  
Distance =  10.13
Time =  1:14:17
Ave. Speed =  8.1
Max. Speed =  20.0
Monthly Dist. =    304.35
Yearly Dist. =  2436.33

The Thursday Night Group Ride met up at Pine Flat. As usual I was early, so I cleaned off my bike, and aired up the tires. Eventually, people showed up, and we headed out on the trails.

Not far into the ride, Doug (who is going to Leadville) had a flat tire, and Mitch and I stayed with him, while everyone else continued on. It's a good thing that I stuck around, because two different co2 cartridges failed to inflate the tire, and I was the only one who had a hand pump. We finally got the tire squared away, and the three of us headed down the trail.

We tried to follow the tire tracks of the group, which seemed to lead onto Mahogany Trail, but we never did catch up with them. We rode down to Juan Tomas, then back up the other Mahogany Trail, all the way to Oak Flat. From there we returned back to Pine Flat.

It was a hot day in town, but nice up in the mountains, with temps in the 80s, and a gentle breeze.

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