Location =  Leadville CO  
Distance =  15.30
Time =  2:16:20
Ave. Speed =  6.7
Max. Speed =  25.0
Monthly Dist. =    133.58
Yearly Dist. =  2569.91

I wanted to pre-ride the Powerline again, to get myself ready for the race, which is only two days away. I drove to the beginning of the dirt road, and began the climb up Sugarloaf. I've been hearing a clicking sound coming from my seatpost or saddle, and I stopped a couple of times to try and fix it, but to no avail. On one of my stops I took this nice picture looking out at Turquoise Lake. The climb up Sugarloaf seemed harder than I remember it from 8 years ago. It's a lot rockier than I recall. I cruised down Powerline, and then stopped at the bottom to take off my jacket. As I was stuffing it into my pack, I heard someone say my name. I looked up, and there was Doug from the Thursday night group ride. What a small world. He was scoping out the climb on foot, rather than on his bike. I'm not sure that he knows what he's getting himself into. I headed back up the mountain, and I seemed to struggle more than I did yesterday. Bicycling is a funny thing.

Last week, I wanted to find out where to go to pre-ride the Powerline and Columbine sections of the course, so I put a message up on the Yahoo Leadville Trail 100 message board, trying to get some information. I received an email from a gal named Lisa from Victoria B.C., asking me if I would pass any information on to her that might guide her to the same places. She wasn't going to be doing the race this year, but was thinking about doing it next year, and was going to be in town to watch the start of the race. We exchanged a couple of emails, and I gave her my cellphone number, and offered to ride with her if she was interested. It didn't look like we were going to be able to do that because of a lack of cellphone service in the mountains, but I did have a voicemail message from her this morning.

I got back to the car, and there was a woman there looking at a topographical map that was on the back of a sign. We talked for a couple of minutes, and when I asked her if she was riding in the race, and she said "No", I said, "Are you Lisa?" She was the email Lisa, and we talked for a few more minutes, and then she rode off to do the Powerline. Again, it's a small world. I'll have to send her an email when I get back, and see what she thought of that climb.

It was a cool day, and overcast, with temps mostly in the 50s. It rained later in the afternoon, and again in the night, making an effort to turn the course into mud.

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