Location =  Tijeras NM  
Distance =  9.20
Time =  1:01:50
Ave. Speed =  8.9
Max. Speed =  26.0
Monthly Dist. =    248.48
Yearly Dist. =  2684.81

This ride started at the Cedro Peak Campground. As usual I was early, so I started to clean the mud off of my bike that I picked up in Leadville. Very quickly, the sky darkened, and it started to rain. I ducked back into the car to wait out the storm, which lasted about 15 minutes. When it was over I finished up cleaning off the bike, and in another 15 minutes, you couldn't even tell that it had rained. The sun came out, dried everything up, and all was beautiful.

Eventually, everyone was ready to ride, and we hit the trails. There was a long downhill that was filled with wide, swoopy curves, that was a blast to ride. We stopped a couple of times to let everyone catch up, and then it was up the "Five Hills of Death" to get back to the parking lot. One by one people were dismounting and walking, and it was only myself and one other guy that managed to clear the whole thing. Leadville was good training for the Five Hills of Death.

It turned out to be a very nice evening for a ride, and even though a lot of time is spent standing around on these group rides, it's still a fun time. I got lots of congratulations for finishing the Leadville ride, which is always nice to hear.

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