Location =  Cedar Crest and Tijeras, NM  
Distance =  16
Time =  
Ave. Speed =  
Max. Speed =  
Monthly Dist. =    282.09
Yearly Dist. =  2718.42

I forgot my bike computer for this ride. I estimated the total ride at 16 miles, so that's what I'm going with.

At the end of the Leadville race my wife introduced herself to a rider from Albuquerque, and he and I got together for a ride this past weekend. His name is Anthony, and we met over at the Smith's on Central and Tramway, and then we headed over to Cedar Crest to ride the Fawlty Trail. I had heard that it was a beautiful trail, but I had never ridden it before. We weren't certain where the trailhead was at the lower end of the trail, so we parked at Doc Long, and started riding from there.

The Fawlty Trail began easily enough, but it soon turned into a very technical, rocky ride. Anthony had a 29er mountain bike, and it was very hard for him to ride it through the tight twists and turns of the trail. We rode for a couple of mile, and then when we reached the La Cienega Trail, we decided to bail out and ride back to the car.

Anthony suggested that we continue the ride at Tunnel Canyon, and then I suggested Mars Court, so I could pick the mail while we were there. He didn't know where Mars Court was, so that's what we decided to do. We parked at the trailhead, and then I took down some of my favorite singletrack. We wandered around for awhile, and then we came down Turkey Trot, and headed back up to the parking area.

It was a great day for a ride. Lots of sun and temps in the 70s and 80s. Anthony is a strong rider, and it seems like we might some more rides together in our future. Thanks!

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