Location =  Albuquerque NM  
Distance =  10.08
Time =  1:04:01
Ave. Speed =  9.3
Max. Speed =  35.5
Monthly Dist. =    19.46
Yearly Dist. =  163.30

This time it's only been two days since my last ride, instead of 43. Big difference. I checked the air pressure in my tires before I left, and they were up to snuff. My front tire that nearly flatted on my last ride seemed good to go. I planned to do a three fingers ride, which would include a ride up to La Luz, then La Cueva, and then around the Tram. My plan became derailed on the way up to La Luz when that dreaded "Pffffft" sound was heard again. I could tell that I wasn't going to be able to get out of this one so I turned around an headed for home, hoping I could make it before I ran out of air. I'd much rather change a tube in the hallway of the house, instead of along the side of the road.

No such luck this time. The tire mushed out about a mile and a half from the house which seemed like a greater distance than I wanted to walk, so I found a spot along Tramway to deal with the problem. Sometimes I'll just add air to the tire in the hope of making it back to the house, but I had my doubts about that, so I took off the wheel and replaced the tube. When I pulled the tube out I could see that there was little chance that the slime would have been able to save me, because the slime was no longer in the tube. It seemed to flowing around the inside of the tire, instead of inside of the tube.

Eventually, I had the new tube pumped up with enough air pressure to hold my weight, so I climbed back on and continued the ride. I decided to wander around a little bit before going back to the house, so I rode up to the Tram, and then cruised through some of the side streets. I purposely rode around just enough to get past the 10 mile mark. I wanted to get in at least one double-digit ride before I attempt the crest. I don't think that a little 10 mile ride really qualifies as warm up for the 70 mile round trip to the crest, but it will have to do.

It was another sunny day, with temps in the low 70s.

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