Location =  Albuquerque NM  
Distance =  16.41
Time =  1:37:35
Ave. Speed =  10.0
Max. Speed =  44.0
Monthly Dist. =    111.97
Yearly Dist. =  529.12

Today was Father's Day, and a beautiful day it was. I went to a movie with my son and then out for pizza. After that, we stopped at the bike store so dad could pick up a couple of new tires for his road bike. I got a pair of Specialized Armadillos. These are folding tires which should save some weight over the wire bead Armadillos that I've had for the last couple of years. I am more interested in durability than speed. I hate flat tires.

When we got home I put the new tires on the bike and then headed out for a ride. I rode down to the casino and then turned around and headed back up. On the way back up I noticed that the buffalo were out and they weren't very far from the road. I've been waiting for a year to get a good picture of them so I stopped to take advantage of the situation. It might be another before I get another chance. I took it easy on the way up, enjoying the day and the side wind that was helping to push me up the hill, and to keep me cool. The keeping cool part ended when I turned at Tierra Monte and headed up to the La Luz Trailhead.

As I headed for La Luz the climb became steeper and my cool breeze was nowhere to be found. I started to sweat rivers due to my being out of shape, the difficulty of the climb, and the hot day. My eyes were stinging from the sweat and my efforts to wipe it away with my gloves were useless. I was suffering.

I turned through the stone gates for the final stretch to the top, and a jogger passed me! That was insult added to injury. He turned around backwards and said something to me before disappearing out of sight. I couldn't understand what he said so I just smiled and laughed.

The day was beautiful and very warm, with temps in the low 90s. I've got to get out more.

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