Location =  To Sandia Crest and Back  
Distance =  70.02
Time =  7:13:42
Ave. Speed =  9.6
Max. Speed =  40.0
Monthly Dist. =    70.02
Yearly Dist. =  599.14

Time to get July's ride out of the way. I left at 7:00 a.m. to give myself plenty of time to finish.

I headed down Tramway through Tijeras Canyon and then made the turn north to head through Cedar Crest. I thought I was going to get away with not having a windy day, until I started through Cedar Crest. Tijeras Canyon was relatively free from the wind but it was pretty strong as I headed up North 14. I pulled into my rest spot near the Y and scarfed down a power bar before I started the big climb.

I was feeling pretty good as I started the climb and I was just hoping that I would feel as good when I got near the end. I had a plan to stop at the ski area and fill up on water but the gate was closed at their parking lot so I just kept heading up, nursing my water as best I could.

I made it up to 10,000 feet and as usual I was wiped out. I stopped at the trailhead and laid down in the parking lot. This is killing me. After about 10 minutes I got back on the bike and headed for the top. Before I got there I was passed by a guy on a mountain bike who had come up the back way from Placitas. He was riding very strong. That used to be me.

Once at the top I checked the thermometer on the gift shop door to see that it was 62 degrees. That's summertime above 10,000 feet. I began my descent and in 30 minutes it 92 degrees. Amazing. On the way down I passed a deer that was in the road. At least it wasn't a bear like last month. As I went by the deer he was scratching his face with his front foot. The deer had bugs and ticks on him, and he did not look well. Poor thing.

I filled up my water at the gas station and then headed for home. The wind came back as I headed through Cedar Crest, but thankfully it subsided in Tijeras Canyon. I took another break in the canyon to enjoy the day, and then it was back on the bike. There weren't very many people out and about since it was midafternoon and very hot. As I turned up Tramway there was a woman hiding under the shade of a tree. I wanted to join her but I wanted to get home even more. The prairie dog colony was pretty quiet. Only the youngsters were running around. The adults had more sense than that and they were staying underground.

I finally pulled in to the driveway and this ride was over. I was exhausted but happy.

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