Location =  Albuquerque NM  
Distance =  13.01
Time =  1:31:55
Ave. Speed =  8.4
Max. Speed =  45.0
Monthly Dist. =    83.03
Yearly Dist. =  612.15

I'm finally back on the bike. I've had a good last couple of weeks with my schoolwork so I decided that I have earned some time in the saddle. I'm not sure if it's a reward or a punishment, but out I went.

We had a monster storm a couple of days ago and there was a lot of dirt and rocks in the street in our neighborhood that had washed out of people's driveways. I had to be careful that my skinny tires didn't go sliding out from under me.

I headed over to the climb up to La Luz. It started easy enough, but the heat and my lack of conditioning soon caused the suffering to begin. I started sweating rivers from the 95 degree heat, and the sweat was pouring into my eyes. I slowed down to a crawl and even did some zig-zagging back and forth at the last little steep section. It was brutal.

The downhill was a great relief. The wind cooled me off as I hit 45 mph. Nice. At the bottom I headed up the climb to La Cueva. Once again things started out well, but again the effort caused massive sweating and stinging eyes. I tried going slowly but the uphill was just too much for me. I made it to the top but I was suffering. The downhill was more blessed relief but I still had one more climb to go.

I rode back to to Tramway and then started the climb up to the Tram. The third climb was a charm. There was a pretty good breeze going which kept me from overheating and I didn't suffer nearly as much as on the other two climbs. I made the loop around the Tram and then headed back to the house.

I'm glad that's over. I do hope to get out on a couple more rides before I have to make the climb to the crest in August. One or two rides a month just isn't cutting it.

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