Location =  Albuquerque NM  
Distance =  15.17
Time =  1:51:36
Ave. Speed =  8.1
Max. Speed =  42.0
Monthly Dist. =    98.20
Yearly Dist. =  627.32

I put a new speedometer on the mountain bike last night, so I thought I'd take it out today and see how well calibrated it is. From the end of my driveway to the first cattleguard on the way up to La Luz is 2.35 miles. The new computer came in at 2.44 which was a little bit high so I programmed it for a slightly smaller tire.

I've ridden up to the La Luz Trailhead dozens of times, always passing the dirt road that leads to some houses, because I'm always on my road bike. Today I had the mountain bike so I took the dirt road just to see what was back there. It made a loop around the aptly named Circle Drive and then came back. It was pretty back in there. The neighborhood feels like it is cut off from civilization. There's also some trailhead parking that leads off into the mountains somewhere.

I got back to the paved road and decided that I might as well ride up to the La Luz trailhead since I was almost there anyway. I made a circle through the parking area then down I went. At the bottom I decided to ride up to La Cueva just to make the ride a little longer. I wasn't suffering nearly as much as I did two days ago, even though the temperature was about the same. I just need to get out more.

I zipped down to the bottom and then headed back to the house, making note of my mileage from the cattleguard. It still might be overestimating the mileage a little bit, but it's pretty accurate. I'd rather have it overestimate than underestimate.

As I headed back to the house I passed five deer on Tramway Lane that were standing in someone's front yard. They got a little bit nervous as I rode by, but not enough to run away.

It was another hot day with temps in the mid 90s. There were some big dark clouds to the east, to the west, and to the north, but they kept their distance.

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