Location =  Moab UT  
Distance =  11.82
Time =  2:31:54
Ave. Speed =  4.6
Max. Speed =  23.0
Monthly Dist. =    11.82
Yearly Dist. =  734.43

It's time again for my annual visit to Moab, or what I call "My Happy Place."

Moab seemed a lot busier this year than in past years. I wasn't able to get my usual campsite in section E, but I found a nice one in section D. I parked the Jeep, threw on some bike shorts, jumped on the bike and rode down to Slickrock.

It became very apparent early on that my conditioning sucks. I couldn't seem to climb anything. The two places that I fell over backwards last year, I just walked them this year. I was dying out there, but I was still having fun. Rivers of sweat were pouring off of me as I tried to find out what I could and could not climb. If it was steep, mostly I couldn't climb it, but if I could find a way to lessen the incline, then I had a chance.

I made my way around the loop trying to cautious and not risk injury. It was quite deserted out there and I didn't see a single person until I was almost done with the ride. I rode back to the campsite and still had plenty of daylight left to set up the camp.

It was a warm day with temps in the low 90s, and mostly overcast. I could see quite a bit of rain over by the Monte La Sal mountains, but it kept it's distance and never rained on me.

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