Location =  Moab UT  
Distance =  10.84
Time =  2:21:14
Ave. Speed =  4.5
Max. Speed =  17.6
Monthly Dist. =    54.02
Yearly Dist. =  776.63

One more time around Slickrock and then I'm ready to head for home. I broke down the campsite and then drove to the trailhead to get this party started.

I headed out on the trail in the clockwise direction, opposite of the other day. This always makes for a completely different ride. The time was about 9:30 and it was already hot and sunny.

I started out by playing leapfrog with a couple of riders. They were faster than me so they would always pass me up, but then they would find some excuse to stop and I would pass them by. We went back and forth like this for the first few miles and then the unexpected happened. They were ahead of me and the gal was trying to climb a little steep section, and she flipped over backwards! I was very surprised because I didn't think that particular spot was very difficult and I had seen her ride tougher sections than that. Nevertheless, over she went and it was kind of scary. Luckily, she wasn't hurt. She landed on her backpack which absorbed most of the impact by breaking her camelback, but she avoided tearing up her skin. It could have been worse. I knew after that that they wouldn't be leap-frogging me anymore.

I continued making my way around the loop, walking the hardest spots but surprising myself by pulling off some tough climbs. I was showing brief flashes of strength and power, which gave my a little bit of encouragement. Maybe if I start riding on a regular basis I could regain some of my former fitness. That would be nice.

I was nearing the end of the ride and feeling very drained from all of the effort. I managed to clear a really tough climb near the end that has a couple of false crests. It's a killer and it took everything out of me that I had left, but I still wanted to do the practice loop before I called it a day. That's where I saw the dumbest guy I have ever seen. He was riding on the Slickrock with his whole family and he even had a little two year old in a Burley Bike Trailer. Not only did he want to kill himself but he wanted to take one of the children down with him. To his credit he abandoned the trailer, and the kid was trying to run up the trail. Those little tiny legs weren't going to be able to take him very far, and I'm sure their bike-riding day was going to come to an early end. What an idiot!

Another mini-vacation to Moab has come to a finish. See you there next year!

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