Location =  Tijeras NM  
Distance =  9.74
Time =  1:27:15
Ave. Speed =  6.6
Max. Speed =  23.5
Monthly Dist. =    96.73
Yearly Dist. =  1037.28

Willy and I headed out to the East Mountains to go for a mountain bike ride, but the weather was not looking too good. Our plan was to park at Tunnel Canyon and then ride up to Mars Court to pick up the mail. When we got to Tunnel Canyon it was raining lightly and it was cold. I was concerned that it might be a little muddy out there so we drove up to Raven Road to pick up the mail. We made a little tour around the neighborhood and then stopped at Mars Court to see how conditions were up there. It wasn't raining up there but there was a little bit of sleet. It didn't seem like the riding was going to be much fun so we decided to drive back down the mountain.

As we got back down near the bottom of the mountain and were about to pass by the Chamisoso Trailhead I recognized my next door neighbor's car parked there. I thought that if Don was out there riding around in the light rain then we ought to riding around as well. We parked next to Don's little Audi and I put a note on his windshield saying "hello," and then we headed out on to the trails.

We rode on the Coyote Trail out to the main intersection, and then rode back to the trailhead on the dirt road. I struggled with some of the climbs and walked in several places. The rain made some of the rocks slippery and there was a little bit of mud, but it wasn't too bad.

When we got back to the trailhead Don was gone but he came by the house the next day to say hi. He and Roger had been riding around and having a good time.

This ride a little bit cold and damp but it was still fun. I was hoping to show Willy a little bit more of the East Mountain trails but that will have to wait for another time.

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