Location =  To Sandia Crest and Back  
Distance =  70.14
Time =  7:10:00
Ave. Speed =  9.7
Max. Speed =  35.0
Monthly Dist. =    70.14
Yearly Dist. =  394.77

Streak Ride #64 is complete. Only 36 more months of rides to go before I reach the magic 100 mark. Excellent! The next four months are my favorites because the temperatures should be pleasantly warm. Even this ride wasn't too bad. It was 37 degrees when I got to the top of the mountain, but it was 75 degrees when I got back down. I had leg warmers on which were just right for the day.

I started out at 8:00 in the morning and planned on taking it easy. Daylight savings time is in effect so that gives me an extra hour of daylight on the back end of the ride. It's always nice knowing that I have some room for error in case something goes wrong.

I cruised down Tramway, through Tijeras Canyon and Cedar Crest, and stopped at my break spot for a short rest and a PowerBar. After my break I started up the big climb. It was very pleasant going up, with just the right amount of sun to keep me warm, and the right amount of breeze to keep me cool. I felt pretty good as I passed the ski area but then my energy level began to drop. I took another break at the Capulin Snow Play Area and scarfed down another PowerBar. There is still quite a bit of snow up on the mountain, especially in the shade. It will probably be June or July before the last of it melts.

I finally rolled in to the parking lot at the top and stopped for a brief rest. I put on my warmer gloves, headband, tucked in my shirt and zipped up my jacket and headed down. The first few miles were a little chilly but it warmed up nicely once I dropped a couple thousand feet of elevation. I stopped at the gas station at the bottom to fill up on water and then I was back out on the road. I stopped one more time in Tijeras before riding the final stretch back to the house.

I've been riding the stationary bike in the gym which seems to be helping me endure these rides. I don't seem to be suffering nearly as much as those months when I was just sitting on my ass doing nothing.

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