Location =  Camping in David Canyon  
Distance =  29.19
Time =  3:32:47
Ave. Speed =  8.2
Max. Speed =  25.0
Monthly Dist. =    99.29
Yearly Dist. =  629.02

I bought a trailer for my bicycle a couple of weeks ago in anticipation of going bicycle camping with my neighbor Don. Before I take it out on a real trip I wanted to try it close to home to see how all of my gear fits and what it feels like to be pulling the trailer along. I decided to camp for one night in David Canyon near the Mars Court trailhead. When I finally got there this is what my set up up looked like.

By the time I got everything packed and attached to the bike it was almost 4:00 in the afternoon as I headed out the door. I rode down Tramway and then headed into Tijeras Canyon. It was the hottest part of the day with temps about 95 degrees. I was working hard pulling the trailer and I knew it would get even harder when I began the climb up South 337. I was right about working harder and sweat was pouring out of me as I tried to get to my planned campsite while there was still enough daylight to set up camp and fix some dinner. I was struggling to keep the sweat out of my eyes as I climbed higher and higher towards Raven Road.

I eventually made it to Mars Court and from there it was all downhill into David Canyon. That was a refreshing change. I could finally relax a bit as I closed in on my destination and enjoyed the refreshing breeze that my coasting downhill was creating. I found a nice camping spot near the second pond where I thought I might be able to see some animals. The pond itself was dry but the overflow tub had some water in it. I stayed about 50 yards away from it in case a mountain lion or a bear was to wander in for a drink of water. I didn't want anybody to think that they could get appetizers along with their drinks.

I heated up a hearty dinner of freeze dried food, and then turned in for an early night's sleep. I was exhausted. Dragging 50 pounds of trailer and gear up a big mountain can really wear you out.

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