Location =  Back to Albuquerque  
Distance =  29.12
Time =  2:50:21
Ave. Speed =  10.2
Max. Speed =  38.5
Monthly Dist. =    128.41
Yearly Dist. =  658.14

I woke up early and fixed another delicious meal of freeze dried food. That stuff tastes great when you are ravenous. After breakfast I dismantled my camp and packed it all away and started my journey back to the house. It was going to be a much easier ride back than it was on the way out. I had a lot more downhill riding this time, and the morning temperatures were significantly lower than in the afternoon. It was probably in the 70s as I started out, which was really nice.

I said good-bye to my campsite and then headed up the trail toward Mars Court. I hadn't gone a quarter of a mile when I saw a large, dark creature walking towards me along the bottom of the hill, and the creature was a very large, very black, bear. I had seen a bear near here a couple of years ago and if this was the same bear he had grown up a lot. The bear hadn't seen me yet so I laid my bicycle down and got my camera out of my backpack. I snapped a couple of pictures on zoom lens while he was still quite a distance away and then I started to get nervous as he was headed in my direction. I decided that I would be a little less nervous if I had my pepper spray in hand that I had clipped to my handlebars. As I reached for the spray the bear saw me and he immediately turned and ran away up the hill. That was okay with me. As much as I enjoy seeing the creatures I don't need to see them close up and I certainly don't want any kind of confrontation. This was about as close as I needed to be.

I waited a couple of minutes to make sure the bear was gone, and then I picked up my bike and headed towards Mars Court. It's always exciting to see a bear and my heart was beating along at a pretty good clip as a result of the encounter. I was thrilled to have been able to take a couple of pictures and I couldn't wait to get home to see how they came out.

I rode out to Raven Road and then stopped at the mailboxes to collect the mail while I was there. After that it was a long cruise down to the bottom of the mountain and back to civilization. I filled up on water at the Ranger Station even though I didn't really need it, and I took it easy going back to the house.

I had a fun night of camping and the trailer and my gear worked great. I'm definitely looking forward to the next trip.

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