Location =  Jemez Mountains - East of Cuba, NM  
Distance =  24.65
Time =  3:20:04
Ave. Speed =  7.3
Max. Speed =  32.5
Monthly Dist. =    24.65
Yearly Dist. =  682.79

Bicycle Camping!

Don and Roger came over at about 8 o'clock in the morning, and we loaded up the Jeep for a bicycle camping adventure. We put our bike trailer bags in the back, the trailers on the roof, and the bicycles on the rack. Once we were all secured we headed out for the Jemez. Our starting point for the bike ride was the San Gregorio Reservoir, somewhere in the Jemez Mountains, east of Cuba, and after a couple hour drive we pulled into the parking area. We unloaded the Jeep and assembled the trailers, and we were off.

The ride began with a long downhill on some forest roads, which was good because it would be a while before we discovered just how difficult it is to ride uphill pulling 50 pounds of gear. The suffering would happen later. We made our way through a series of forest roads. There was a 70 and a 144 and another one that ran along a gas pipeline. Don and Roger were so familiar with the route that I was convinced that they had been there before, but they hadn't. They both had gps devices and they had studied the route on the internet before we even got there. I trusted them to know the way and to make sure that they didn't lose me.

We made our way down to a pretty canyon that had a small creek running through it and a cow path that ran alongside of the creek. Amazingly, there were some little fish in the creek. It was amazing because the creek was only about two feet wide and a foot deep. We rode on the cowpath for a mile or so until we came to a spot where another creek came off the side of the mountain and flowed into the first creek. We decided to camp there for the night. We unloaded our gear, set up the tents and kicked back and relaxed.

Don and Roger both had little fly-fishing rods so they went off to see if they could catch any fish. I wandered around for a little bit and went over to where Roger was to see how he was doing. He caught several little fish which ranged in size from about an inch to about six inches. This is a picture of one of the little fish that he caught. Roger threw all of his fish back but Don brought one back to camp. It cooked up to be about two bites worth, but they were a tasty two bites.

We were lucky that we didn't have to share the fish for dinner. Don was supposed to bring the meals but he forgot the first one back at his house in the refrigerator. Luckily, I had packed three freeze-dried meals just in case, so we all had a good dinner.

As the sun was setting, clouds were beginning to form in the west and I could some flashes of distant lightning. It looked ominous. It started to rain at some point during the night and it continued for several hours. Most of the time it was raining fairly lightly, but occasionally it would come down pretty hard. I was dreading having to ride in the rain, and I was fully prepared to spend the day in the tent. Thankfully, when morning came the rain had ceased. It's was hard enough towing the bike trailers around when it's dry, I didn't want to find what it would be like in the rain and mud.

After a breakfast of pancakes and syrup we packed up the camp and headed out for our next campsite.

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