Location =  To Sandia Crest and Back  
Distance =  69.97
Time =  6:13:40
Ave. Speed =  11.2
Max. Speed =  41.0
Monthly Dist. =    69.97
Yearly Dist. =  963.47

September can be a chilly month at the top of the mountain, but I lucked out this year. Maybe it was because this ride happened on September 1, but the temperature at the top was 55 degrees, and it was 90 degrees when I got back to town. I can't expect any better weather than that.

I've been feeling strong lately, and the time reflects that. Spinning on the stationary bike twice a week is starting to pay off. I was working hard on this ride. I was sweating so much that it overwhelmed my earphones and the left one quit working. I stopped at my break spot near the "Y" and dried them out and they started working again, but not for long. The left one quit soon after I started riding again, and it wasn't until I reached Capulin that I stopped to try and fix it. It wasn't working at first, but after beating on it for a while the sounds of music were once again heard. I didn't have any more problems with it after that.

I pulled in at the top and only stopped long enough to check the thermometer on the Gift Shop door and the I headed down. I put my coat on for the ride down, but I didn't need my leg warmers or my full-fingered gloves. It was very nice. I watered up at the gas station and then headed for home. The temperature rose dramatically by the time I reached the middle of Tijeras Canyon and I had a very pleasant ride back into town.

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