Location =  To Sandia Crest and Back  
Distance =  70.30
Time =  7:43:50
Ave. Speed =  9.1
Max. Speed =  32.0
Monthly Dist. =    70.30
Yearly Dist. =  1033.77

It was cool when I left in the morning, and I was wearing my leg warmers, but the forecast was that it would warm up into the 70s.

I rode down the Tramway Trail which is finishing up some reconstruction. It's very smooth. Then I headed into Tijeras Canyon and when I was almost to S337 I got a flat tire. I was in front of the the little art gallery place with the old stone wall. Parts of that wall were first built about 300 years ago to ward off attacks from Indians. I walked along the side of the wall and found a place to sit down and fix the tire.

Some slime was leaking through the tire so it was easy to tell where the leak was. I put in a new tube and started to pump up the tire. Wouldn't you know it, the pump seal was dry and it wouldn't pump up any pressure. As I thought about what to do next it occurred to me that I had a possible fix. I was worried that this ride might give me a sore butt due to chafing and the fact that I haven't been riding much, so I brought along a tube of Butt Paste. I applied a generous amount to the pump seal and it started working. Hurray! I thought that my troubles were over but not yet. As I started to get a fair amount of pressure in the tire I felt a wetness on my leg. Slime was being squeezed out of a small slit in the tire that I had first assumed was only a small hole. As the tire rotated the tube tried to force itself out through the slit. Not good. I had a decision to make as to whether or not I would continue with the ride. I didn't have another tube but I didn't want to quit. I decided that I would try to reach the Crest on a badly under-inflated tire. Luckily, I don't weigh very much, and I would help the cause by riding very slowly and trying to shift more of my weight over to the front tire. My plan worked and I was able to complete the ride. Riding on the soft tire was a little bit like dragging a 20 pound weight behind me.

I took a short break at my break spot and then took my time and slowly spun my way up. The winds were swirling around along the way. Sometimes they would come at me with a gusty headwind, and other times they would be pushing me along from behind. I stopped at Capulin for another short break and then finished the climb to the top. It was 44 degrees up there. I zipped up my jacket and put on my warm gloves for the ride down.

I stopped in the gas station to eat a candy bar and get more water, and then I headed back to town. Temps were in the low to mid 70s by the time I got back to Albuquerque, and I had to stop and shed all of my cold weather clothes. I don't mind doing that.

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