Location =  Tijeras to Sandia Crest and Back  
Distance =  61.14
Time =  6:44:47
Ave. Speed =  9.0
Max. Speed =  37.0
Monthly Dist. =    61.14
Yearly Dist. =  1165.46

This is my first Streak Ride attempt from the house in Tijeras since Streak Ride #33 in September of 2007. I'm hoping that there are going to be a lot more. At least enough for me to get to Ride #100.

The temperature was fairly mild when I left the house with temps in the 30s. I had all of my warm clothes with me in case it got really cold, but it never did. I had my booties and my face mask and my overmitts, but I never took any of them out of my backpack. The ride starts with about a nine mile descent but I did not get overly chilled. I had on leg warmers over long underwear and I was slightly overheated, if anything. I let the leg warmers fall down to my calves and left them there.

After making my way through Cedar Crest, I took a short break at my break spot and then started the long climb. I took another break when I reached Capulin. The parking area was still under construction but nobody was out working. I went by the gates and checked out the sledding area. As many times as I have stopped at Capulin I have never gone and seen where people actually go sledding. The had several areas fenced off for sliding with none of them looking particulary scary. It looks like a fun place for kids. I hung around for a little while enjoying a little time in the sun, and then I continued my climb up to the top of the crest.

It was 37 degrees at the gift shop which is very warm for this time of year. I'm not complaining. Last month, in November, it was 23 degrees. I walked up to the viewpoint that overlooks Albuquerque because I wanted to take a picture. There were two guys there who asked me to take their picture, which I did. They offered to take a photo for me but when they tried to take the picture the battery was dead. I think that it would have been a good shot, too, because the wind was blowing like crazy. Oh well. Better luck next time. I took a short break inside for a few minutes and then headed down. I put on my headband and warm gloves and pulled up my leg warmers, but I skipped putting on my face mask, booties and overmitts. Excellent!

I stopped at the gas station at the bottom to get more water and then I headed for home. After riding through Cedar Crest I was faced with having to make the long climb up S337 to Raven Road. That's nine miles of climbing to get back to the house. This route is shorter than from the house in Sandia Heights, but it isn't any easier. Maybe if I actually worked out a little bit I'd be better able to handle these rides. Now that we are finally moved into the house in Tijeras, I'll have to give that some consideration.

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