March 10, 2011

Location =  Tijeras, NM  
Distance =  20.30
Time =  1:41:13
Ave. Speed =  18.8
Max. Speed =  37.5
Monthly Dist. =    89.95
Yearly Dist. =  232.67

This ends my second week of commute riding. I wasn't able to ride every day but it was better than nothing. Next week is going to be an off week because it's Spring Break and there is no school. After that I should be able to get into some sort of riding routine.

Today was my afternoon class, so it was warm enough when I left the house that I was able to wear my new pair of bike shorts that I bought a couple days ago. I brought some leg warmers along just in case it got breezy and cold but that wouldn't be a problem.

The ride back up the hill after class was a workout. I put a little bit of extra effort into the climb, but it didn't translate into a faster time. Temps were in the 60s as I made my way back up to the house. Nice!

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