March 21, 2011

Location =  Tijeras, NM  
Distance =  20.30
Time =  1:52:03
Ave. Speed =  10.8
Max. Speed =  36.5
Monthly Dist. =    171.24
Yearly Dist. =  313.96

Monday morning is an early day and I have to be at the ranger station at 7:15 to meet my ride. That wasn't too bad two weeks ago but now it's daylight savings time and the sun was barely coming out when I left the house. I had to turn on my blinkie light to make it easier for cars to see me. At least it wasn't too cold. Temps were in the 40s. When I got down around Pine Flat it seemed to get colder but in a few minutes it warmed back up again.

My ride back up the mountain, after class, was a battle with the wind. There was a very strong headwind all the way to Otero Canyon, and then it seemed to let up a little bit. There were times above Otero that the wind turned around and become a tailwind. That was awesome but those times were few and far between. There were other times when the wind became ferocious and blew sand in my face and threatened to blow me off the road. I'm sure the gusts of wind were at least 40 miles an hour. One particulary strong wind blasted me just as a propane truck truck was passing me. That made my heart skip a beat.

I made no attempt at trying to get up the hill with any speed at all and just settled for getting up the hill, in one piece. Tomorrow is another day.

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