April 15, 2011

Location =  To Sandia Crest and Back  
Distance =  60.72
Time =  6:48:27
Ave. Speed =  8.9
Max. Speed =  41.0
Monthly Dist. =    60.72
Yearly Dist. =  387.96

It was a pretty cool start to the ride with temps only in the 30s. I started out with my winter gloves on but I traded them out for lighter gloves when I got to the bottom of the mountain. I rode through Cedar Crest and then took a break at my break spot. It was substantially warmer by then and I was able to put away my headband and unzip my jacket.

I started this ride knowing that I haven't been doing any riding and knowing that I would be slow and weak because of it. I made a conscious decision to take it easy and try not to work up a sweat. I knew that if I wanted to complete this ride without killing myself that I would have to stick to that plan.

I left my break spot and began the long climb up to the crest. I was daydreaming away and listening to my music when a guy passed me by, like I was standing still. I only wish that I was half as fast and half as strong as he was. It only took a couple of minutes before he was out of sight. I was very envious. I slipped back into my stupor and while there, two or three more guys left me in the dust, although none of them were a fast as the first guy. I heard a couple of noises in the bushes on the way up which startled me a little bit. I'm always ready for a bear to jump out at me but I didn't see anything. I stopped at Capulin for a short break and then continued on my journey to the top. It was getting cooler as I climbed so I zipped up my jacket for the last few miles. One thing that I was glad of is that it wasn't very windy. Thanks for small favors. A couple miles from the top I saw something shiny laying on the side of the road. I looped back around to see what it was and it was a fancy kitchen, fillet knife. It said on it that it was made of surgical steel. I put it in my pack and continued onward. When I finally reached the top it was 30 degrees. That's not too bad, but it was colder than February and March had been.

The ride down was a lot of fun. Most of the snow was melted so there wasn't much water on the road to spray me as I went down. There were about 10 more riders heading up the mountain as I was going down. I was surprised at how many riders were out because it was a Friday and it usually doesn't get busy like that until the weekend. I stopped at the gas station to fill up on water and then I headed for home. When I got back to Tijeras it had warmed up into the 60s and I was able to take off my jacket for that long climb back up to Raven Road. When I got back to the house I was tired but not exhausted. I was smart not to push myself too hard.

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