November 11, 2011

Location =  To Sandia Creat and Back  
Distance =  61.56
Time =  7:30.44
Ave. Speed =  8.2
Max. Speed =  35.5
Monthly Dist. =    61.56
Yearly Dist. =  794.68

11/11/11 seemed like a good day to ride to the top of the mountain and the weather forecast looked promising. Cloudy, but no chance of rain or snow. It's also Veterans' Day although that has nothing to do with me, personally. Anyway, off I went at about 8 o'clock in the morning. The temperature was right around freezing and I had my coat zipped up and my warm gloves on. I cruised slowly down to the freeway and I was determined not to exert myself too much. I have been a total couch potato since I did the last Streak Ride and I don't believe that I am capable of very much exertion.

I rode through Cedar Crest and then stopped at my customary spot near the Y. It had warmed up enough that I no longer needed my thick gloves or my headband and I was able to unzip my jacket, quite a bit. I headed up the mountain feeling good about the day. As I started to climb I was riding through some areas of slush and ice. There were a couple of curves that I had to swing out and ride in the car ruts in order to ride through them. I was a little concerned about how bad it was going to be when I reached higher elevations and maybe I should have taken a fat tire bike. Too late now. At least it was a Friday and traffic was light.

I was about three miles up the mountain and riding along nice and easy making sure that I didn't break a sweat, when all of a sudden a wave of nausea swept over me. It took me by surprise and I stopped and got off of the bike and had three strong dry heaves. Then just as quickly as it started it was gone and I was fine. I climbed back in the saddle and headed uphill.

I took a short break at Capulin and then headed toward the finish. About a mile before I reached the 10K trailhead I was coming around a particularly snowy and slippery curve just as a truck was coming down. I was out in the car rut and he was partially on my side of the road and he was sliding a little bit towards me. I don't think there was ever really a chance that he was going to run me over but I rode onto the shoulder just to be sure.

My progress towards the top seemed terribly slow, because it was. I wasn't about to give up and eventually I arrived at my destination. Finally.

I checked the temp at the top and it was 34 degrees. That's not too bad. I only hung around there long enough to bundle myself up and then I headed down. I decided to descend just about as slowly as I climbed so that I wouldn't shower myself with icy water from all of the wet spots on the road. I didn't see anyboy else on a bike trying to ride up the mountain. I was the only one.

Once again I skipped the gas station and went to Pinkie's instead. It was after the lunch rush and I was the only customer in the place. I do believe that I may have found a new addiction. Red chili brisket burritos. Awesome.

I left Pinkie's feeling re-energized and made the the climb back up to Raven Road without too much suffering, although I was definitely tired. I really need to workout more consistently.

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