March 23, 2012

Location =  Mars Court  
Distance =  6.06
Time =  1:05:53
Ave. Speed =  5.4
Max. Speed =  19.2
Monthly Dist. =    6.06
Yearly Dist. =  129.53

I took Sofie, our still quite young dog for her first bicycle ride. She seemed to enjoy herself and knew instictively to stay out of the way of the bike. I took my mountain bike and left the house and headed for Mars Court. We looked in there the other day on a walk and it seemed like most of the snow was gone. We went up Raven Road and made our way to the trailhead.

We stayed on the main road because I thought that there was a greater chance for there to be mud and snow on the singletrack trails. My goal was to ride to the pond and see how the trail conditions were. There was only one spot that caked some mud on my tires. Another couple of weeks and it should all be dried out, if we don't get any more snow.

As we headed down the road we could hear some gunshots in the distance. When we started to get near the pond I saw some kids and I called out to them, "Be careful about what you are shooting. Don't shoot me or my dog." They were setting up their targets as we went by and Sofie stopped to say hello and then followed me over to the pond. I thought that maybe she would get a drink of water but she didn't seem to want to get her feet wet. She did drink a little bit from my camelback tube that I squirted at her mouth.

After a few minutes we headed back. I made sure that the shooters saw us and that they had a cease fire while we made our way past their makeshift gun range. We climbed back up to Mars Court and then headed back to the house. I slowed down on the downhill sections so that Sofie wouldn't fall too far behind. It was pretty cute to look back and see her following along.

When we got back to the house I took this picture of her and the bike on the back deck. It didn't take long for her to have a nap.

It was a nice, sunny day with temps in the 50s.

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